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Yellow Star of David badge of the Jew to visually denigrate and to set them apart from the gentilesConcerning The Jews
and Their Lies

By Martin Luther - 1543
The Father of Protestantism

"What then shall we Christians do with this damned, rejected race of Jews? Since they live among us and we know about their lying and blasphemy and cursing, we can not tolerate them if we do not wish to share in their lies, curses, and blasphemy. In this way we cannot quench the inextinguishable fire of divine rage nor convert the Jews. We must prayerfully and reverentially practice a merciful severity. Perhaps we may save a few from the fire and flames [of hell]. We must not seek vengeance. They are surely being punished a thousand times more than we might wish them. Let me give you my honest advice.

Cover of 'Concerning the Jews and their Lies' by Martin Luther, published in 1543

First, their synagogues should be set on fire, and whatever does not burn up should be covered or spread over with dirt so that no one may ever be able to see a cinder or stone of it. And this ought to be done for the honor of God and of Christianity in order that God may see that we are Christians, and that we have not wittingly tolerated or approved of such public lying, cursing, and blaspheming of His Son and His Christians.

Secondly, their homes should likewise be broken down and destroyed. For they perpetrate the same things there that they do in their synagogues. For this reason they ought to be put under one roof or in a stable, like gypsies, in order that they may realize that they are not masters in our land, as they boast, but miserable captives, as they complain of incessantly before God with bitter wailing.

Thirdly, they should be deprived of their prayer-books and Talmuds in which such idolatry, lies, cursing, and blasphemy are taught.

Fourthly, their rabbis must be forbidden under threat of death to teach any more... 

Fifthly, passport and traveling privileges should be absolutely forbidden to the Jews. For they have no business in the rural districts since they are not nobles, nor officials, nor merchants, nor the like. Let them stay at home...If you princes and nobles do not close the road legally to such exploiters, then some troop ought to ride against them, for they will learn from this pamphlet what the Jews are and how to handle them and that they ought not to be protected. You ought not, you cannot protect them, unless in the eyes of God you want to share all their abomination...

To sum up, dear princes and nobles who have Jews in your domains, if this advice of mine does not suit you, then find a better one so that you and we may all be free of this insufferable devilish burden - the Jews... Let the government deal with them in this respect, as I have suggested. But whether the government acts or not, let everyone at least be guided by his own conscience and form for himself a definition or image of a Jew. When you lay eyes on or think of a Jew you must say to yourself: Alas, that mouth which I there behold has cursed and execrated and maligned every Saturday my dear Lord Jesus Christ, who has redeemed me with his precious blood; in addition, it prayed and pleaded before God that I, my wife and children, and all Christians might be stabbed to death and perish miserably. And he himself would gladly do this if he were able, in order to appropriate our goods... Such a desperate, thoroughly evil, poisonous, and devilish lot are these Jews, who for these fourteen hundred years have been and still are our plague, our pestilence, and our misfortune. I have read and heard many stories about the Jews which agree with this judgment of Christ, namely, how they have poisoned wells, made assassinations, kidnapped children, as related before. I have heard that one Jew sent another Jew, and this by means of a Christian, a pot of blood, together with a barrel of wine, in which when drunk empty, a dead Jew was found. There are many other similar stories. For their kidnapping of children they have often been burned at the stake or banished (as we already heard). I am well aware that they deny all of this. However, it all coincides with the judgment of Christ which declares that they are venomous, bitter, vindictive, tricky serpents, assassins, and children of the devil, who sting and work harm stealthily wherever they cannot do it openly. For this reason, I would like to see them where there are no Christians. The Turks and other heathen do not tolerate what we Christians endure from these venomous serpents and young to the devil, a Christian has no more bitter and galling foe than a Jew. There is no other to whom we accord as many benefactions and from whom we suffer as much as we do from these base children of the devil, this brood of vipers."

Translated by Martin H. Bertram, On The Jews and Their Lies, Luther's Works, Volume 47; Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1971.

A Response To Questions and Objections of a Certain Jew  By John Calvin

"Their [the Jews] rotten and unbending stiffneckedness deserves that they be oppressed unendingly and without measure or end and that they die in their misery without the pity of anyone."

Excerpts from "Vom Schem Hamphoras und vom Geschlecht Christi," By Martin Luther and an excerpt from "Ad Quaelstiones et Objecta Juaei Cuiusdam Responsio," by John Calvin; The Jew in Christian Theology, Gerhard Falk, McFarland and Company, Inc., Jefferson, NC and London, 1931

Hezbollah Nazi-style Salute

Hezbollah Nazi-style Salute

Heil Allah

Heil Allah

Arab Emulation of Nazism Continues

New Lebanese Party Symbol for the SSNP - Syrian Social Nationalist Party
Syrian Social Nationalist Party
the SSNP

Vile Arab Political Cartoons
Arab Nazi-style Cartoon
More Arab Cartoons

The World Shrugs its shoulders and ignores this outrage perpetrated in the name of Islam ... Hello U.N. and E.U., any decent people remaining there?

November 25, 2009: For Jews, roiling Yemen no longer place to call home

August 19, 2010: The last of the Jewish Arabs

"Hatred Of Israel Is In Our Genes And Blood": Syrian Actress.

New Trends in Arabic Anti-semitism

New Trends in Arabic Anti-semitism from Henrik Clausen on Vimeo.

Hamas Human Shields

Hamas Human Shields

In 1924 at a Christian gathering in Berlin, Adolf Hitler, a professed Christian, stood before thousands of Christians, and with a standing ovation said:

"I believe that today I am acting in accordance with the will of Almighty God. As I announce the most important work that Christians could undertake and that is to be against the Jews and get rid of them once and for all. We are doing the work of the Lord and let's get on with it." Hitler stated, "Martin Luther has been the greatest encouragement of my life. Luther was a great man. He was a giant. Within one blow he heralded the coming of the new dawn and the new age. He saw clearly that the Jews need to be destroyed and we're only beginning to see that we need to carry this work on." Hitler followed to the letter, Luther's treatise on how to exterminate the Jews. Martin Luther preached his last sermon avidly against the Jews and died four days later. Indeed, Nazi leader Streicher at his Nuremberg trial stated, "I have never said anything that Martin Luther did not say".

Complicity of the Eastern Orthodox Church In The Holocaust 

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The Alfred Hitchcock documentary on the Nazi Holocaust 

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Statements of Church Fathers  References

  • The Epistle of Barnabus shows the Church exalted at the expense of the synagogue and the deadly word "Deicide" (the killing of God) appeared in Christian writings.

  • Justin Martyr charged that the Jews crucified Christ in the highest pitch of their wickedness. It was during this time (150 A.D.) that the first encounter with Replacement Theology was embraced where the church replaced the Jews as God's chosen people.

  • Tertullian argued that divine judgment is upon Israel, and Jews are destined to suffer for the crucifixion.

  • New ideas opposing "law" sprang up as early as 160-320 A.D. Marcion, 2nd century, adopted Matthew 5:17 as key theme to ending God's law and taught that the grace of God superseded it, rejecting the Old Testament.

    Several Church Councils from 341 A.D. to 626 A.D. prohibited Christians from celebrating the Sabbath, festivals, and even eating with the Jews. It seemed that the greatest concern with Judaism on the part of Christians leaders was the attraction that it held for Christians. . . . These rules do not come out of bad relations between Jews and Christians (what would now be called, erroneously, antisemitism), but rather were enacted because relations were good and the authorities wanted to separate the two peoples. God has always had a remnant who has followed the Torah.

  • John Chrysostom, 344-407 A.D., preached: "The Jews ... are worse than wild beasts ... lower than the vilest animals. Debauchery and drunkenness had brought them to the level of the lusty goat and the pig. They know only ... to satisfy their stomachs, to get drunk, to kill and beat each other up ... I hate the Jews ... I hate the Synagogue ... it is the duty of all Christians to hate the Jews.

  • Late 15th-century antisemitic painting from Frankfurt-Main, accusing Jews of ritual murder and bestiality, and associating with the devil.

    New Generation of Jew Haters,
    Taught From Birth

    “We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us”
    Golda Meir

    Building Palestinian Murderers From Childhood

    Gaza summer camp for children, 2008. The camp is aimed at indoctrinating their children to hate Israel and the United States, to learn methods of warfare, and to take pride in Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that controls the Gaza Strip. These children are being taught to become a menace to civilization in the name of Allah.

    Islamic Romper Room: Gaza summer camps teach kids to fire rockets

    "I am learning how to fight the Jews and kill Jewish children," said 11-year-old Muhammad.
    Read Article 1   |   Read Article 2

    Palestinian Summer Camp 2009 Childrens Activities
    Gaza campers stage 'Schalit abduction'

    September 22, 2009: Hamas teaches children to slaughter Jews

    Hamas children's TV program again calls for the 'slaughter of Jews' from Palestinian Media Watch on Vimeo.

    Palestinian Monsters

    Modern-day Mein Kampf antisemites whose religion and politics drive them to murder Jewish babies and butcher sleeping families have taken another horrific toll in Israel. May G-d comfort the Fogel Family, along with the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.Link

    video platformvideo management video solutionsvideo player

    Another Palestinian Atrocity

    Palestinian butchers savagely murdered three Jewish boys in Israel coming home from school. No more peace negotiations and no more conciliations with black-hearted Muslims. Cast them out.  Link

    (L to R): Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Sha'ar, Naftali Frenkel

    Eyal Yifrah ז״ל, Gilad Sha'ar ז״ל, and Naftali Frenkel ז״ל

    Islamo-Nazi Fascism,
    Then and Now

    In 1943, Amin Al Husseini heads the Hanzar Division of Nazi Muslims. It was Hitler's largest SS Division and was responsible for the genocide of Serbians, Gypsies and Jews. It lies at the root of today's unrest in Serbia/Bosnia-Hercegovina/Croatia.

    Mein Kampf, written by Adolf Hitler, is a best-seller in the Arab world. It is distributed by the Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority. Yasser Arafat became the disciple of Amin Al Husseini at the age of 17. Arafat's legacy of Jew-murder and a drive to start a second Holocaust is expanding through calculated indocrination of Muslim minds.

    Preparations for Holocaust II
    By Jerry Kashtan, March 2, 2008

    Antisemitism never died, only hibernated briefly after the Holocaust. Jew hatred is growing stronger than ever. Today's practitioners exploit modern technology, channel authentic Islam, and blend classic European Jew hatred. The virus has spread to all parts of the world through the Internet and satellite TV and is embraced by the latest crop of dictators hellbent on becoming the next biggest baddass in the 'hood.

    Present day antisemitic organizing is no less than Hitler's method: destroy the perception of the Jew and now include Israel. Continually paint Jewish people as sub-human, morally impure, dirty apartheid racists, worthy of cleansing through extemist measures. Continually blame Israel for all of the world's failings. Then support Iran and their allies to be the proxy to do the dirty work with a nuclear arsenal. It is no secret, and the evidence is made public by Islamic leaders for the world to take note.

    Islamists verbalize and publish their anihilistic plans. The Europeans fund Islamist nations who are racing to build nuclear weapons and it is largely the Europeans who lead the Goebbels-inspired media machines. The EU and UN intentionally keep a civilian Arab population in permanent refugee status, perpetuating and enlarging the conflict against Israel. International human rights organizations, complicit in Palestinian child abuse do nothing about institutional Jew hatred taught in Arab schools. Nor do these groups campaign against terrorism training camps which enroll children and teach them murder, suicide, and religious death themes. Outrage against children suicide bombers gets lost in their self-righteous positions of moral equivalency.

    The Recipe: Russians provide nuclear fuel and muscle. Chinese and North Koreans sell missle technology. The Pakistani's provide thermonuclear bomb making know-how. The UN provides diplomatic obfuscation, bureaucratic delay, committee bias, and support for non-governmental organizations which are virulently antisemitic. Western powers cower from threats of Islamic belligerance in their home countries. Orwellian "truther" brigades, funded by influential leftists and ultra-liberals trample our collective common sense and long-held western values. The attrocities of WWII and the near extinction of civilization during the Cold War is ancient history to the current generation. Humanity's primal fear of a brief nuclear exchange in another part of the World, particularly over Israel, is diminishing.

    Lastly to salt this recipe, western democracies continue their gigantic consumption of oil from Islamic and other belligerent regimes pumping trillions of dollars into foreign war chests.

    Today Jews are 0.2% of the world's population; 0.1% in Israel, 0.1% in the Diaspora.

    Jews are an endangered species on this planet

    Are we paying attention this time?

    The Growing Menace:
    The Islamic Mein Kampf

    Antisemitism in England:
    The War on Britain's Jews

    Cyber Antisemitism:
    Online Antisemitism 2.0. "Social Antisemitism" on the "Social Web"

    EU Institutional Antisemitism:
    Funding hate organizations: "Europe's Hidden Hand"

    "If a day comes when the world of Islam is duly equipped with the arms Israel has in possession, the strategy of colonialism would face a stalemate because application of an atomic bomb would not leave any thing in Israel but the same thing would just produce damages in the Muslim world"
    Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Iran, December 2001

    Israel Apartheid Falsehoods & Slander - Bishop Desmond Tutu

    Human rights activist and former slave blasts Tutu's anti-Semitism

    Palestinian Nazi's

    Palestinian Nazi Salute
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